Saturday, 20 June 2009

Spiderman 3

At the start of the movie the plot is quickly set with all three villains of the film introduced, it starts with one night in a park, where Peter and Mary Jane are on a date. A small meteorite crashes nearby, and an alien symbiote comes out of it and attaches itself to Peter's moped (Later becomes Venom). This is followed by Flint Marko an escaped convict who we are made aware that he needs to find money for his sick daughter; further along in this scene he falls into a particle accelerator which transforms him into a shape shifting sand manipulator. Finally we see Harry Osborne who from the last movie, wants spider-man dead. As you can probably tell, the movie is quite busy and at times can be a bit confusing with too much information to take in and too little time for the movie to present its audience with the kind of detail it had in the previous intallments of spider-man.

To start off, I thought the first two instalments of spider-man were incredible; I was a big fan of the Spider-man series and from seeing the previews of the movie this movie; it promised to top them all. This is why I watched the movie right upon its release and before I go on let me just say that the film itself is entertaining with incredible action sequences which are intense. It is fair to say that the action in this film is the best of the three spider-man films. However, the first two Spider-man films set extremely high standards with there incredibly well structured storyline and likewise with the great detail and back stories that the characters had.

My are a few fundamental flaws which really bugged me about this film; first off were the characters, unlike the first two films they were lacking in detail and at times their back stories were so undeveloped it became confusing as to why they did certain things in the film. The other problem is films obvious gaping plot holes.

The storyline is the most tightly packed of all three films and this maybe this is the reason for it. Even with the extended length of the film, there is too information to impart that many scenes feel too forced and some important scenes are cut incredibly short, this adversely affects the development of many of the characters and their back stories and motive appear to be lacking detail and cohesion with the rest of the story. This is evident when we consider that Sandman and Venom clearly don't have enough screen time.

Firstly if we consider Venom; the most popular of all the Spider-man villains considering the comics fan-base meets his fate so soon after being introduced and seemingly so easy. At the end of the film, this left me thinking that the movie itself was too rushed. This is also the case for the Sandman who's back story is quite similar to the second spiderman's Doc Ock who had a well developed character with a sympathetic edge which made him a great villian, but this just disappears altogether after his opening sequence. This also relates the films gaping plot holes when Venom and Sandman first meet; the scene lasts just under 10 seconds and they decide to team up against spider-man, this leaves many questions such as how does Venom know Sandman and why does he think he would help him; this has been weakly addressed as Spider-man may have stopped him from getting the money for his daughter but killing spider-man is not going to work to his advantage.

To conclude, the film is good but it had the potential to be something far greater. The action scenes were immense and it was enjoyable but there were so many fundamental flaws in the film which the first two Spider-mans did not have. It is clear that this film should have at least stretched out in two-parts and gave the villains justice similarly to the first two in the series.

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